How do I find out if I am eligible for a Dolphin Living home?

Please use our eligibility checker to see whether you are eligible, you can also find details here about our homes and how they work.

I have children, will they each have their own bedroom?

We have created a Bedroom Policy to set guidelines for how all applications are treated, these include requirements for the number of bedrooms households require. A single parent or couple with children require one double bedroom, plus bedrooms for the children. Usually two children under the age of 21 are expected to share a bedroom, and children of different sexes will share a bedroom unless the eldest is over 10 years old.

I am interested in home ownership

We run the Home Ownership Accelerator scheme, if you have a deposit of a minimum of £22,500 you may be eligible, you can find out more information about the scheme here.

If I get offered a Dolphin Living home can I have a flatmate that is not listed on the tenancy?

No, everyone living in the flat must be listed on the tenancy agreement.

I am the only employed person in my household, do I apply for a single or joint tenancy?

You should apply for a joint tenancy

Can I have a spare bedroom in my Dolphin Living home?

You will be allocated a home appropriate to your housing need, you may apply for an apartment with an extra bed space however priority will be given to our applicants who meet the housing need of the apartment in question.

I am a key worker; do I get further discounted rent?

No, all our properties are at a discounted rent and you will be assessed by your income to determine what home you can afford.