Montagu Evans have been selected by Dolphin Living to advise on the delivery and procurement for the rebuilding of the New Era Estate in Hackney. 

Dolphin Living acquired the 1930s Hoxton estate in December 2014 with the aim of securing the future housing needs of the residents of the estate. Following discussion with the residents it has been agreed that this is best achieved through rebuilding the estate. When complete, its plans will provide 199 high quality new homes and retail space.

Dolphin Living has worked closely with the New Era Tenants Association throughout the planning process and a residents’ ballot, held in April 2019, showed strong support (91% voted ‘yes’) for the re-building of the Estate.  Whilst construction is underway, existing residents will live in nearby homes owned by Dolphin Living and will be given the opportunity to return to the completed development following completion. 

Montagu Evans’ role will include helping shape and optimise both the commercial structure and procurement strategy through the first stages of work, followed by overseeing the procurement process itself, and will ultimately conclude with Dolphin Living entering into contract with a preferred development partner by summer 2023.

"These are very well-considered plans that put residents at their heart," said Oliver Maury, Partner at Montagu Evans. "Following Dolphin Living's recent revised planning application and our own review of the preferred delivery strategy, we will soon be ready to begin the process of selecting a suitable development partner. Dolphin Living's clear vision for the Estate, the strong community buy-in for its rebuilding and the Central London location, means this is an important opportunity for any developer with a passion for bringing more, better homes to the capital."


Olivia Harris, CEO of Dolphin Living, commented: “Montagu Evans has built a strong reputation for its high-quality work and expert delivery and we’re looking forward to working with them going forward.

The redevelopment of New Era Estate not only allows us to continue to provide high quality, affordable homes to London’s key workers close to their places of work but it also guarantees the future of the community that lives there. We are building spacious, well-designed homes that will ensure existing and future tenants can live comfortably for many years to come.” 

“At Dolphin Living we believe that more needs to be done to support London’s workers who we rely upon to keep the city running, particularly as the cost of living increases and families struggle to heat their homes during the winter. Intermediate rental housing is well positioned to play a crucial role in meeting housing need and alleviating a major financial strain.”

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